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The ChimerAds technology, characterized by inherent high selectivity as well as gentle and “green” processing conditions, enables the cost-efficient manufacture of both high value bioactive proteins and protein ingredients for high-volume food applications. Take a look on potential applications HERE.

With our unique ChimerAds technology we bring value out of raw materials and side-streams in the form of new protein ingredients that so far haven’t been accessible (or profitable) by the classical separation techniques. Further, we believe that in many instances the value of proteins currently applied as bulk protein ingredients (e.g. whey proteins or egg proteins) may be significantly increased by separating the individual proteins into specialized functional and/or bioactive ingredients.

We develop protein ingredients for specific market needs and we work closely with our clients to optimize processing conditions for their specific raw materials.

ChimerAds Equipment

ChimerAds brings a number of technical advantages, leading to significant productivity gains, compared to classical packed bed adsorption, as illustrated in the figure to the right.

The ChimerAds technology integrates well with current industrial scale operations, such as precipitation steps and membrane filtration, to provide efficient solutions achieving high productivity and high selectivity in one combined separation process. The technology is designed to require a minimum of specialized equipment in order to minimize capital investments and ease the fitting into existing industrial environments.

We offer pilot scale facilities for process and product development, where we combine our experience and the clients wishes to optimize the final process and thereby also the final product.

ChimerAds Adsorbents

Our adsorbents are uniquely designed for maximum process and economic performance and will, in cooporation with the customer, be fine tuned to fit exactly the purpose.

We use our own cost efficient adsorbents with exceptional protein binding capacities and we use proven and safe ligand chemistries well known by regulators.

Our Contribution

Our team integrates many years of experience in developing selective and industrial scale protein separation technologies with expertise in food ingredient design to provide unique ingredients and bioactive proteins from plants and microbial and animal derived raw materials.

Our Approach

Established separation methods such as isoelectric protein precipitation and heat denaturation have rather narrow windows of operation, leaving few options for optimization of process conditions to achieve products of specific composition, functionality and yield.

The ChimerAds technology opens a much wider range of opportunities for processing and thereby tayloring final product features for specific applications.

With our experience and knowledge we can optimize both the process and the product – in other words: The process defines the product!

Our Service

We are a business to business company, enabling our customers to market products not previously economically viable – through cost efficient precision recovery and isolation of functional proteins. We strive to provide new enabling solutions to our partners in a close cooperative environment.

Please contact us if you would like to cooperate in the development of novel protein ingredients or if you wish to extract more value out of your raw material.

When the process defines the product, new processes spawn new opportunities

Integration of product and process development enables new value propositions to end users