Dynamic Bed Adsorption for precision capture of proteins

A technology platform leading the way into sustainability and circular bio-economy


With the new ChimerAds technology, combined with highly specialized adsorbents, we provide cost-efficient use of affinity separation in a dynamic bed adsorption format. This enables protein capture solutions for the global protein markets within food, healthcare and biopharma, with an emphasis on:

  • Proteins that provide functionality, bioactivity and health effects
  • Proteins isolated from existing industrial side streams
  • Proteins from precision fermentation broths
  • Value-added protein fractions from currently underutilized raw materials

Products and Services

Lihme Protein Solutions develop process technology for precision capture of proteins for specific market needs and we work closely with our clients to optimize processing conditions for their specific raw materials


The ChimerAds dynamic bed adsorption technology integrates well with current industrial scale operations, such as precipitation steps and membrane filtration, to provide efficient solutions achieving high productivity and high selectivity in one combined separation process.
Our adsorbents are uniquely designed for maximum process and economic performance and will, in cooporation with the customer, be fine tuned to fit exactly the purpose. We use our own cost efficient adsorbents with exceptional protein binding capacities and we use proven and safe ligand chemistries well known by regulators.

Process development and pilot services

We have laboratories for protein analysis and process development where we can offer initial lab scale evaluation and/or development based on the customers need.
In our modern pilot facilities we offer equipment up to 20 L/min for development and demonstration of the process and production of product samples.

Industrial scale equipment

After customizing the process, we can offer large-scale ChimerAds custom-designed equipment for up to 50 m3/h.
The ChimerAds technology is designed to require a minimum of specialized equipment in order to minimize capital investments and ease the fitting into existing industrial environments.

Our approach

We are a business to business company, enabling our customers to market products not previously economically viable - through cost efficient precision recovery and isolation of functional proteins. We strive to provide new enabling solutions to our partners in a close cooperative environment.
Our team integrates many years of experience in developing selective and industrial scale protein separation technologies.

Superior downstream process technology

for precision capture of alternative proteins and value-added proteins from industrial sidestreams