Downstream isolation of precision fermentation proteins

Precision fermentation combines the process of traditional fermentation with the latest advances in biotechnology to efficiently produce a compound of interest, such as a protein, flavor molecule, vitamin, pigment, or fat.

A strong argument for precision fermentation of food proteins – and proteins for dietary supplements – is that food components that otherwise have a pronounced impact on climate change can be produced with less impact – provided that the upstream and downstream processes are designed to cause a minimum climate impact.

Our downstream ChimerAds technology effectively captures proteins from complex raw materials such as precision fermentation broths. Compared to conventional membrane downstream processes, the ChimerAds technology can be designed with a very high specificity of the protein to be isolated. In fact, the specificity is the same as if the more expensive and troublesome packed bed chromatography is used, which means that precision fermentation is now affordable not only for making medicines but also for producing food proteins.

Our ChimerAds technique have proven very efficient in isolating e.g. milk proteins, both from animal milk and whey but also from precision fermentation broth.