Mission and Strategy

Our mission is to build an innovative, sustainable, and efficient technology platform for protein recovery and isolation with an emphasis on:

    • Proteins that provide functionality, bioactivity and health effects
    • Proteins isolated from existing industrial side streams
    • Proteins from precision fermentation broths
    • Value-added protein fractions from currently underutilized raw materials

Our Motivation

The world’s population of humans and livestock consumes more and more protein and as the population continues to expand, humanity needs to strengthen its efforts to utilize available resources to their full potential. Today we use more than 80% of all globally produced protein to feed animals with a very poor conversion ratio.

We believe that with the right tools it will become more rational to isolate and formulate plant proteins for direct use as food ingredients and thereby increase sustainability and optimal utilization of available resources.

Further, we believe that in many instances the value of the animal proteins currently applied as bulk protein ingredients may be significantly increased by separating the individual proteins into specialized functional and/or bioactive ingredients.

Our Contribution

Our team integrates many years of experience in developing selective and industrial scale protein separation technologies with expertise in food ingredient design to provide unique ingredients and bioactive proteins from plants and microbial and animal derived raw materials.

Our approach is to apply our very gentle, yet industrial and cost effective ChimerAds separation technology to retrieve proteins with intact functional or bioactive properties and optimal sensory characteristics.

Our Strategy

We are a business to business company, enabling our customers to market products not previously economically viable – through cost efficient precision recovery and isolation of functional proteins. We strive to provide new enabling solutions to our partners in a close cooperative environment.

Please contact us if you would like to cooperate in the development of novel protein ingredients or if you wish to extract more value out of your raw material.

Our vision is to lead the way in a transformation of the Functional Protein Industry to improve quality, sustainability and efficiency