A novel format for large-scale precision capture of proteins

ChimerAds -
Dynamic Bed Adsorption (DBA)

ChimerAds is a cost-efficient technology with high selectivity, revolutionizing precision capture of native and functional proteins from complex raw materials, such as precision fermentation broth, milk, whey and other sidestreams.

The ChimerAds technology is a Dynamic Bed Adsorption format, enabling high volume, high productivity, and crude feed stock processing. In combination with our specialized high-capacity mixed-mode adsorbents, the ChimerAds technology is designed to provide the isolation of specific proteins with maximal efficiency and specificity.

The system is switched from suspended bed to fixed bed on demand

ChimerAds -
provides the benefits of fixed beds without the downsides

  • Accomodates non-clarified raw materials
  • No column-packing issues
  • Low-pressure system
  • No back-pressure issues when scaling up
  • No flow distribution issues
  • No air-bubble issues, enabling high temperature cleaning
  • No need for highly cross-linked adsorbents
Afspil video

ChimerAds is proven at pilot scale (20 L/min)
and is now ready for scale up