Lihme Protein Solutions to establish Advisory Board

We are very proud to let you know that Thomas Schäfer is joining Lihme Protein Solutions as a member of our newly formed Advisory Board.

Thomas holds a PhD in Microbiology, Physiology and Biochemistry, and has a strong background within industrial biotech innovation and leadership from his experience in Novozymes and Chr. Hansen.

Thomas will be the first of several expert advisors to come to act as a solid backbone for our company’s further development of new business platforms. As such, Thomas will bring us valuable experience and insights to how we may optimize our current platform and dive into new ventures in the future.


Thomas Schäfer is Chief Science Advisor at Chr. Hansen.

He has  > 30 years of experience in biotechnology from Novozymes and Chr. Hansen in R&D and business development, where he served as latest CSO at Chr. Hansen.

Member of the Board of Directors of the BioInnovation Institute, and Bacthera.