The egg protein refinery

A strategy to improve value of egg proteins by separation into individual functionalities

Raw Eggs

Egg Proteins

Chicken egg proteins are an appreciated source of food ingredients, conferring gelling, foaming and other functional characteristics in the form of various dried egg powders. However, eggs not only provide proteins of high functional and nutritional value, they are also an excellent source of proteins with important biological characteristics such as antimicrobial, iron-binding, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and vitamin-binding activities.

We apply our mild ChimerAds separation technology to isolate individual functional and bioactive proteins to maximize the value of an entire egg resource, thus producing high-quality proteins without destroying the functionality of the remaining egg white or egg yolk.

Egg white: some of the egg white proteins, e.g. ovotransferrin and lysozyme, are heat-sensitive and denatures at temperatures needed for pasteurization of liquid egg white. Our method isolates these high-value proteins from the rest of egg white (mainly the more heat-stable ovalbumin) leaving a liquid egg white with better pasteurizability, and thus improved possibility of use.

Egg yolk: Our gentle method isolates immunoglobulin Y without disturbing the usability of the rest of the egg yolk.

The Egg Protein Refinery

Our ChimerAds technology has proven very efficient in separating

  • Ovotransferrin, avidin and lysozyme providing e.g. antimicrobial functions
  • leaving highly purified ovalbumin as a heat resistant functional protein ingredient
  • Immunoglobulin (IgY) for immune support and passive immunization
  • leaving the rest of egg yolk for functional food ingredients

Please take a further look on the ChimerAds isolation of egg white proteins and IgY