Improving our immune defense with natural antiviral proteins

Antiviral proteins, designed for biological defense by Nature, may contribute to protect against viral pandemics like the current Covid19 disaster. Such antiviral proteins are present in foods we already eat but are usually destroyed during standard food preparation methods based on high heating (boiling, frying, pasteurization). The result is that we waste a huge pool of highly valuable protective proteins. Milk, egg white, egg yolk, animal plasma and certain plants contain high concentrations of proteins that are known to have antiviral properties: immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, lysozyme, and ovotransferrin being prominent examples. At Lihme Protein Solutions we have a mission to develop processes for extraction of such valuable proteins from natural sources prior to the destructive treatments applied by the food industry and in our kitchens. In fact, we find that by doing so we may not only enable manufacture of immunoprotective proteins but also improve the value of the raw materials provided by our farmers without compromising food quality and food safety