Press Release

Lihme Protein Solutions has licensed its break-through functional protein technology to KMC amba and AKV Langholt

Copenhagen, Denmark, December 20, 2017. Lihme Protein Solutions (LPS), a Danish company developing innovative food protein ingredients and processes for their manufacture, today announced its Joint Development and License Agreement with the Danish potato starch manufacturers KMC amba and AKV Langholt to collaborate, develop and commercialize functional food proteins from potato fruit juice which is a by-product from the industrial manufacture of potato starch.

The agreement captures several months of work by the parties which successfully demonstrated the feasibility of the LPS proprietary Controlled Affinity Separation platform. The parties will continue the joint process and product development with an aim for KMC and AKV Langholt to establish commercial production of functional potato proteins using LPS’s proprietary technology. The agreement further anticipate third party licensing of the jointly developed process.

“The agreement and the cooperation with KMC amba and AKV Langholt is pivotal for the commercialization of our proprietary technologies,” said founder and CEO of Lihme Protein Solutions, Allan Lihme. “KMC amba and AKV Langholt are simply the best partners for this venture. They provide unique expert knowledge, large-scale test facilities and the ability to scale to high volume production. We look forward to continue our work with their excellent teams.”

“KMC amba and AKV Langholt have a well-deserved reputation of excellence and we are ambitious and fully dedicated to take the next step in the valorization of potatoes as a raw material for functional proteins for human consumption,” stated Gitte Graverholt, Director of Business Development at KMC“Being amongst the world leading starch manufacturers we have an annual raw material basis for provision of several thousand metric tonnes of food proteins and we look forward to provide our technical and manufacturing expertise to the task of bringing value-added products to the increasing market for vegetable derived functional proteins. We strongly believe in the future of the LPS technology and we are pleased to be partners and accelerate its development.”

About AKV Langholdt. AKV Langholt is a Danish potato starch factory situated in Langholt north of Aalborg in the Northern Jutland region of Denmark. The main part of AKV’s potato starch is modified in a close co-operation with the American company Cargill, with whom AKV has the 50/50 joint venture Cargill-AKV I/S.

About KMC. KMC supplies potato-based ingredients - of the highest quality and with documented provenance - to food industry clients throughout the world. KMC is the Danish starch sales organization and is jointly owned by the three Danish Potato Starch Factories "Midtjylland" in Brande, "Sønderjylland" in Toftlund and "Karup Kartoffelmelfabrik" in Karup. The company is a leader in the production, development and sale of potato-based ingredients for the food industry. 95% of the production is exported to over 80 countries in the world.

About Lihme Protein Solutions. Lihme Protein Solutions is a Danish start-up company founded by a group of highly dedicated individuals having a strong background and track record in the development and commercialization of protein separation technologies.  Lihme Protein Solutions employs unique separation technologies for the isolation and development of protein ingredients and enzymes from a broad range of currently underutilized sources including functional protein ingredients from plants and bioactive proteins and peptides from industrial side streams.