Controlled Affinity Separation (CAS)

Controlled affinity separation (CAS) can be embodied in many ways to provide industrially reliable and inexpensive solutions for isolation of dilute proteins, either as a stand-alone solution or in combination with conventional separation technologies:

Chimera Affinity Adsorption

Chimera Affinity Adsorption integrates many years of development in the field of high density micro- adsorbents, new solid phase polymers and robust mixed mode affinity ligands into novel adsorption formats enabling high volume, high productivity, and crude feed stock processing.

Our ligand tool box contains the classical ion exchange principles as well as unique and highly selective ligands having combined hydrophobic and ionic characteristics to enable protein capture from dilute and salt containing raw materials. Size, porosity, density and ligand chemistry of our adsorbents are tailor made to fit the isolation of specific protein ingredients with maximal efficiency and specificity.

Chimera Affinity Flocculation

Chimera Affinity Flocculation combines unique protein binding ligands with soluble, low cost polymers enabling very gentle flocculation of dilute proteins in complex raw materials. Chimera Affinity Flocculation is an instant reaction achieved upon mixing and conditioning of the raw material and may provide highly selective separation of specific protein ingredients depending on the choice of ligand.

CAS is a strong tool box for the provision of protein ingredients from industrial streams. Our current pipeline of products and processes under development include a variety of vegetable and animal proteins: