Laborantelev til Lihme Protein Solutions Start senest 1. agusut 2022: Lihme Protein Solutions er en lille virksomhed som udvikler metoder til isolering af fødevareproteiner fra bl.a. planter og valle (tag en tur på vores hjemmeside Vi er i øjeblikket tolv ansatte og tre studentermedhjælper. Vi har masser af spændende opgaver, og du vil komme […]


ChimerAds – a Novel Adsorption System developed by LPS Lihme Protein Solutions has developed a unique and cost-efficient technology for the large-scale capture and release of proteins without the hazzle, cost, and limitations of classical packed-bed adsorption systems – Click to see a video of the system:

Improving our immune defense with natural antiviral proteins.

Improving our immune defense with natural antiviral proteins Antiviral proteins, designed for biological defense by Nature, may contribute to protect against viral pandemics like the current Covid19 disaster. Such antiviral proteins are present in foods we already eat but are usually destroyed during standard food preparation methods based on high heating (boiling, frying, pasteurization). The result is […]


Lihme Protein Solutions is moving Lihme Protein Solutions is expanding its development capabilities. We will move to Ballerup, Copenhagen for larger laboratory and pilot testing facilities. Stay tuned for more news to come.